Friday, 6 August 2010

Canada Trip Day 7: Vancouver's Chinatown

19 June 2010 - Today's itinerary in British Columbia is another list of many visits. We started the day with breakfast at Maxim's Restaurant that serves a Hong Kong style cuisine in Chinatown, followed by a walking tour around Chinatown. There, we also visited the famous Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, which was quite a gem hidden in the busy city of Vancouver.

Chinatown is bustling with activities in the early morning. Frequent goers and tourists alike had something to do there. Unlike the modern settings of Yaletown, Chinatown is populated with gaudy red brick buildings, mostly decades old, some have weed and mould growing in between the bricks. The Chinatown has existed since the 1980s with many immigrants from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Keefer Street, Vancouver's Chinatown

Curry fried noodles, salted fish fried rice and crispy fried noodles at Maxim's Restaurant that come in huge servings

A kitchen staff reading Chinese newspaper

Shop selling dried Chinese food such as dried scrimps, salted fish, dried small fishes and so forth

Chinatown Supermarket selling fresh produce

Rambutans which cost about 1-2 Brunei Dollars (which come up to about a Canadian dollar) for the same bundle is sold for Canadian dollars 5.99 per pound.

Supermarket selling fresh seafood

Lady selling Canada souvenier t-shirts

Nutra Trading at Pender Street selling dried food while shoppers walked past

Chinese lady selling some fish

Grocers picking out fresh vegetables

Keefer Rooms, one of the oldest building in Chinatown

Phlomis Italica, a white furry plant with small pink flowers that makes it look wintry

Monument in recognising the contributions of the Chinese Canadians to Canada's economic and social growth.

Plaque at the base of the monument noting of Chinese Canadian's contributions

Chinatown Plaza building

Chinese cultural centre

Vancouver sighseeing bus making a stop as Chinatown in Vancouver is one of the many popular attractions in British Columbia

Senior Chinese Society of Vancouver

Millenium Gate of Vancouver's Chinatown

Passing by an old red brick building

Entering one of the malls in Chinatown with a food court at one end of the building

Many elderly people gather to meet friends

Busy Chinatown street

Another busy Chinatown street

Inside the Flea market building, in front of a malfunction escalator

Crystal jewelery store at the Flea Market in Vancouver Chinatown

Other stalls selling jewel accessories at the Flea Market

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