Thursday, 12 August 2010

Canada Trip Day 7: Aunt's Fridge Magnet Collection & Empire Garden Chinese Restaurant

19 June 2010 - After a long day touring around British Columbia, we rested at my uncle's place. My aunt has a huge collection of fridge magnets that almost covered one entire wall of her kitchen.

That night, we had a hearty dinner at Empire Garden Chinese Restaurant in Langley. The Peking Duck was most delicious though I thought the lettuce wraps with Peking Duck tasted a little funny. Butter cream sauce crab was another yummy dish we had.

Aunt's fridge magnet collection

Empire Garden Chinese Restaurant in Langley

Empire Garden Chinese Restaurant is located right in front of Walnut Grove School of Music & Dance

Interiors of the restaurant

Crab meat picker

Our dinner dishes

Waitress slicing to prepare the Peking Duck for our wraps. The skin and some meat is sliced together to served with garnishes of carrot, cucumber sticks and sauce in a wrap. The remaining meat is then cut to be stir-fried as another dish and then eaten in lettuce wrap with sauce.

Peking Duck wrap with a dish of carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and the duck

Meat and garnish drizzled with some sauce on a wrap before it is rolled

Lettuce drizzled with some sauce before placing the stir-fried duck on the wrap

Lettuce and stir-fried Peking Duck

Butter cream sauce crab with vermicelli noodles underneath

Look at the size of these crabs!

Crabs and shellfishes in nets

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