Sunday, 15 August 2010

Canada Trip Day 9: Canadiana Backpackers Inn, Toronto

22 June 2010 - We arrived in Canadiana Backpackers Inn at about 9pm yesterday and did not have ample time to tour around the city. Instead, we cooked some cup noodles for dinner at the inn's kitchen where we met a 50-year old Canadian lone backpacker who was enthusiastic to speak Mandarin with us.

We came to know about Canadiana Backpackers Inn from our Lonely Planet book. It is located at Widmer Street, which is somewhere along Richmond Street where the Scotiabank IMAX Theatre is. For us, it was both the cheapest and most centrally-located place to stay in Toronto. But, Canadiana Backpackers Inn has more plus points than just those. The rooms are clean and quiet, the staff members are friendly and the accommodation is well-facilitated with laundry machines and ironing equipment, kitchen providing crockery and cutlery, food storage, fridge storage, free WIFI access, complimentary Internet access through provided PCs though sometimes you may have to pay, phone booth and free breakfast of all-you-can-eat pancakes (you have to be early to get them). Bed linens are provided for free like many hostels.

I found my stay in Canadiana Backpackers Inn both comfortable and enjoyable. They organise activities and games everyday, which makes it a lively place to stay. Once, they had a speed dating game which the receptionist was asking me to sign up, hehehe.

Walking along Widmer Street towards Canadiana Backpackers Inn entrance door

Me and mum at the reception counter
Hallway next to Reception counter that leads to the kitchen and laundry areas. Photos by Sakana.
On our first night, we got a 4-beds female dorm room

The kitchen, laundry facilities and storages are located

Fridge storage

Laundry machines


Kitchen with stove, kettle, toaster and microwave

Dining area in the kitchen

Food storage compartments with labels provided

Stairway to the patio. Photos by Sakana.

Tables and chairs at patio. Photos by Sakana.

Kinda like a shed at the patio. Photos by Sakana.

Luggage storage room. Photos by Sakana.

After our Niagara Falls trip, we went back to Canadiana Backpackers Inn to stay for another night. This time round, the receptionist found us a 3-bed room where we can have it all to ourselves. I found this warning sign a little amusing.

Old air-conditioning which was right next to my bed

We used the rubberbands that were used to hold the bed linens to hang our clothes to the bunk bed ladder to dry

Our room with a double bed and a twin bunk bed

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