Friday, 6 August 2010

Canada Trip Day 7: Capilano Suspension Bridge

19 June 2010 - Another one of Vancouver's popular attractions with thousands of visitors a day is the Capilano Suspension Bridge with a length of about 450 feet above the Capilano River. The visit offers both thrills and education, from the exciting bridge crossing to the study of the native people's culture and Capilano Suspension Bridge's Rainforest.

Personally, I found the visit enjoyable as there were several totem poles erected in the park and Canada's award winning attraction, wooden stilt trails, known as the Treetops Adventure, that allow you to walk among the trees sort of in mid air which gives you a different perspective, some what bringing you closer to nature. The spectacular view of the thick coniferous trees and the clear Capilano River overlooking the mountains and the bridge trembling with the footsteps of throngs of fright-stricken tourists add a refreshingly pleasant experience.

Our trusty guide, my uncle had given us an hour of visitation while he waited at a nearby parking lot with my aunt. So quickly was the time spent that we ended the tour by rushing along wooden stilt walkways to return to the suspension bridge where we crossed before exiting the area.
Entrance to the Capilano Suspension Bridge with visitors lining up for tickets

Sign post

Capilano Suspension Bridge in the distance

Totem poles, monumental sculptures carved out of cedar trees by the natives. These structures can represent a legend, a family clan or for artistic purposes such as telling a story.

Close up of a totem pole

Kia'palano is a cultural centre of the First Nations (term used for the natives in Canada). The signboard below details the significance of ravens in totem poles

A native guide explaining about totem poles

Totem poles at the Capilano Suspension Bridge's cultural centre, Kia'palano

More interesting totem poles

Crossing the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano River in the midst of thick coniferous rainforest

A viewpoint (wooden balcony) in the forest to see the Capilano Bridge

Another view of the Capilano River with the forest and mountain

Map of Capilano Suspension Bridge

Trout Pond with plants sprouting out of pond bed

A wise-looking owl in a cage at Raptors Ridge

Boardwalk around the rainforest that gives you a mid-air feel, like you are a squirrel hopping from one tree to tree or maybe going around trees

Treetops Adventure

Boardwalk from a tree house

Old style weather measuring equipment

A chalk board noting weather conditions

Trees and tree stumps

Boardwalk all around the rainforest

View of Capilano River from Nature's Edge Boardwalk

Visitors on Treetops Adventure

View of Capilano Bridge from the Lookout Deck

Ponds along the boardwalk

Giant grizzly bear doll

Two children playing checkers? The little blond child was crying because his brother took away his piece.

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