Friday, 6 August 2010

Canada Trip Day 7: Sun Yat Sen Park in Vancouver's Chinatown

19 June 2010 - Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden is a gem with a large serene lotus pond tucked away in the heart of busy Chinatown in Vancouver. A willow tree stood with its branches dangling over the pond, swaying with the wind. Chinese circular doors framed by wooden carved frames face the lovely pond. Chinese trees and bamboo plants sprouted here and there around the pond and along the park trail. Indeed, it was a great change in scenery, rather magical I would say, as we sneaked through a concrete doorway into the garden. Despite the numerous garden visitors, everyone was enjoying the quietness and tranquility of this exotic place.

Doorway to Dr Sun Yat Sen Garden

Chinese trees and classical Chinese garden bridge in the garden

Under a willow tree

Man sitting by the pond

Lotus plant covering almost the entire pond surface

Japanese Carp (Koi) swimming in the pond

A duck cleaning its feathers on a sidewalk by the pond

A circular doorway with Chinese architectural style roof

Overlooking the pavilion is a sheltered stilt walkway with wooden carved balcony

A huge willow tree by the side of the pond

A Chinese pavilion casting an image on the serene pond waters

Huge taro plant in the garden

Taro with lush green leaves with thorny branches

"Everything is going to be alright" on Wing Sang building, one of the oldest building in Chinatown, Vancouver

Torso statue of Dr Sun Yat Sen in front of the garden entrance

Gate tower of Chinese Cultural Centre where you can get to the Sun Yat Sen Park

Chinese War Veterans memorial plaque

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