Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Canada Trip Day 22: Scenic Farm lands along Eagle Pass to Salmon Arm

4 July 2010 - Our destination for the day was at Kamloops. The drizzling had stopped and the sky though cloudy was bright. As we leave Eagle Pass and enter Lake Shuswap area, the mountainous terrains changed to fields of farm lands and a calm water body, the lake, accompanied us offering different views.

We stopped by Pedro Gonzales for some home-made ice cream. According to our guide, it is the best in Canada. If I remember correctly, mine was of chocolate vanilla flavour. I was happily taking pictures, having my ice-cream and making small notes of our travel. It was just great to stop at a homey fruit and garden store. There was a lot of stuff home-made including a whole cabinet of jams in assorted flavours. I was thrilled that mum bought cherries because I love cherries so much. This was like heaven because cherries are so expensive in equatorial countries. Here, I had the whole bag to myself!

Our journey on google maps

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Acres of vegetable or fruit farm

Pedro Gonzales selling fruits, vegetables, flowers and gardening stuff

Pedro Gonzales' massive signboard by the road side

Gardening supplies at Pedro Gonzales

Young flower plants for sale

The store extends to the back

Pedro's home made jams

Me and my ice-cream


Driving range

Nice juicy cherries and my notebook under

Another barn?

Farm-looking areas

Hills and farms

Houses over the other bank of Lake Shuswap

Round hay bales and nice calm waters

Barn with a star by the lake

Calm but dark waters of the lake

Wooden bridge over the lake

Coniferous forest far away from the lake

Farm house and railway rail

Houses by the lake

Houses by the lake and mountain slope with less pine trees

More houses by the lake

More pasture, less pine trees on these slopes

Pasture covered slopes

Nice house with a boat by the lake and the lovely mountain behind

Trucks parked


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