Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Canada Trip Day 22: Lake Louise, Alberta

4 July 2010 - It's taking me almost a year to finish documenting this Canada trip! I've been writing/thinking all day but the actual writing itself didn't amount much. Anyway, my trip to Lake Louise was disappointing. The day was rather gloomy and it was drizzling. I had imagined a sky of clear blue over the beautiful turquoise waters of one of Canada's most famous, Lake Louise. The early morning fog cast a different ambience over the mysterious calmness of the lake, which was not bad at all. The scenery was still beautiful, just not what I'd hoped. Nonetheless, tourists, click away! None of that dampened mood business, not on a holiday.

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Marshes in the middle of coniferous forest

Highway tunnels where animals can cross from above

And bridges where animals can cross under. Different types of crossings have to be made for different animals. Some animals like grassy crossings while others like gravel-ly type with streams.

Fences to keep animals safe from the highway

A stream meandering with the road

Plaque about Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks

Lake Louise with mountains, Temple, Whyte and Niblock, covered in morning mist

My gloomy Lake Louise picture

A tourist at a viewing platform by Lake Louise

Boardwalk at the edges of the lake

An activity hut at one side of Lake Louise

The Fairmont Chateau just beside Lake Louise!

Stream from the lake

Love how the water is so pretty

Snow-capped mountains over Lake Louise

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