Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Canada Trip Day 23: Briefly in Vancouver

5 July 2010 - Strangely as part of the itinerary, the bus driver had to drop some people off at Vancouver before we headed back to Whistler, which is like a round-about route. Nevertheless, I managed some random shots of the activities of the city.

Caught half of the mosque.

The street lamps at china town

Man selling magazines

Man texting on this phone and a person sitting on the street

Men doing some kind of construction work

View of apartments at the water front from Cordova Street

Reflection of a building on the glass walls of another building

Out of service fire hydrant

Another glass reflection of buildings

Random shot of a street - W Hastings Str

Parked bicycles

Going on Lions Gate Bridge

Buildings and apartments

Lions Gate Bridge with traffic signs to indicate direction

Houses on the hill top

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