Sunday, 22 May 2011

Canada Trip Day 23: At a town called Hope

5 July 2010 - We arrived at a quiet town of Hope, where one of the first sights was a large wooden carving of a man and a huge salmon fish on which a circular logo of Rotary International sits. The town looked rather deserted. With the allowed half an hour or so, we walked around and entered a few handicraft shops. We quickly noticed the many wooden sculptures of bears and totems that surround the town site.

While Hope may not have offered the excitement of Whistler or Vancouver or the serenity of Lac Le Jeune, there was something very homey and historic about the place. Homey, perhaps from the neat bungalow houses that lie on one side of the town and historic from learning bits about the Stó:lō nation people who live near Fraser River.

First sight when arriving in Hope; a large wooden carving with Fraser River behind.

Wooden carving of a bear on a shop signage

We visited handicraft store, Beadifferent

Nice, neat bungalow houses

Another bungalow house with a caravan parked by the side

Mural on the side of a building

Wooden carving of bear and beardy man hidding in a tree stump

Sign pole bearing flags of many countries and a shelter with nice hanging purple flowers

Memorial plaque

Poster with picture of salmon drying racks built by the Stó:lō people along Fraser River, the greatest salmon river on earth.

Ancient Past of the Stó:lō people, the story of living creatures turned to stone reminds me of Brunei's legend of Pilong Rocks and Lumut Lunting.

Another mural and this is interesting.

Road signs in Hope

A bit of history about Simon Fraser

Fraser River

Town centre of Hope

This is the first time I come across the term sister cities, and Hope's sister city is Izu in Japan.

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