Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Canada Trip Day 22: The special Lac Le Jeune resort's nature experience

4 July 2010 - This is one BIG reason why I love British Columbia so much. Yes, there is the never-ending fabulous Rocky Mountain ranges and lakes and waterfalls. But, nothing beats this. This, the highlight of my Canada trip, is to stay beside this magnificently peaceful lake in a nice, big comfortable room of a resort where the food was brilliant and we caught glimpses of a young black bear.

Staying at the Lac Le Jeune resort was such a special and overwhelming experience. I truly feel privileged as a human being. I wished the night would not come so that I could stay longer by this beautiful lake which cast such a beautiful image of the trees and the slightly crimson sky, which echoed the sound of the birds and welcomed the ducks, beavers and fishes.

During dinner, someone claimed to have seen a beaver which got all the diners excitedly yet quietly tiptoeing to the nearest viewing spot to sneak a peek. We were exchanging information about the whereabouts of the beaver but none of us caught sight of it.

All three of us, my mum, my sis and myself thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Lac Le Jeune. There's always something very magical about nature being tucked away from the rest of the world.

Kamloops and Kamloops Lake

Vegetation in Kamloops is different

Less coniferous trees, more small plants

Traffic jam at the highway

Drizzling started. I was excited because the scenery was changing.

More flat lands and we passed by several lakes

At Lac Le Jeune resort, we each had a double bed, and either a bear or a beaver soft toy to snuggle to sleep!

It was drizzling but the view from our balcony was spectacular!

Our balcony

Check out the size of our room!

We had a huge pine tree right in front of our window

It was so peaceful here. I loved every moment of being at Lac Le Jeune

Right at the front door, logs and branches were properly arranged to make an ideal resting spot for birds. It's what the resort has done to make it as friendly nature as possible. There were small bird houses at the car park.

Front view of the resort

This was right after dinner. We put on more clothes because it was still very chilly for spring season. We took a nice, slow stroll by the lake, enjoying the last light of the day.

When the road was car-free, there was not a single sound of machines. It was the sound of duck waddling in the water, bird cries and the sounds of nature. It felt so awesome here.

Boats parked by the side of the lake

Trees all around the lake

A lone duck in the lake

The sky turning dark and we were cherishing every single moment of this view with what available light.

On the other side of the road, another smaller lake. On the right is where the resort is.

Pine grass in the lake

Cowan Ave which splits the lake into two

Clear lake waters

That's my sister still taking picture of this wondrously peaceful and beautiful lake.

Bird houses lined along the side of the car park

Bird houses at the viewing platform

Note about the weather rock

Hahahaha... there is the weather rock. I love all this little nature-friendly touches of the resort. It's thoughtful and cosy to the heart, like the bear on my bed.

There's a fake bird perched on a pole, looking so much like a real bird that it had all three of us, plus another passing tourist fooled!

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