Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Canada Trip Day 22: Lunch at Hillcrest Resort & Visit to Last Spike

4 July 2010 -We had a nice lunch at a quiet resort in Revelstoke. There was just the tour group and no one else. We sat at a table with our guide, some British and New Zealand tourists. Everyone was getting to know everyone, which was nice. I chose the salmon dish for lunch and it was wonderful. Loved the salad starter as well.We had an after-lunch stroll to the back of the resort. It was a lovely view of a neatly kept garden with the mountains behind. I liked the wooden artwork of the hanging lamps.

Not far from Craigellachie is a historical site of "The Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway". It is here that the last spike was driven into the tracks. According to Wikipedia, the actual spike is now kept under someone's possession for fear of souvenir hunters. The Canadian Pacific Railway has a very profound history in Canada  because it is the pinnacle of the industrial boom in the country where the railway was very much depended on as mode of communication and transport. The railway has been in operation since the 18th century. Originally, it was a trans-Canadian railway stretching from eastern Canada to the western province. Today, it has rail lines connected to several big American cities.

The lovely lunch menu

Salad with yummy cranberry vinaigrette

Baked salmon with steamed Jasmine rice and cucumber salsa

Foyer of the resort

Wooden artsy chandelier

Neat garden with a view of the mountains

Jacuzzi pool covered

A patio behind the hotel

Caravan campsite

Memorial plaque noting the """iron ribbon" across Canada

Memorial plaque explaining the origin of the name for Eagle Pass

An 18th century Canadian Pacific Railway train

A memorial structure at the exact spot where the spike was driven

An illustrated account of the Last Spike

Gift shop at the Last Spike

A barn

First Nation's tepee

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