Saturday, 21 May 2011

Canada Trip Day 23: Enjoying the final moments of Lac Le Jeune and Kamloops

5 July 2010 - Sleep was like heaven at Lac Le Jeune Resort, on a bed so big and all to myself, the bed so soft and the sheets and pillows fluffy, and the magnificent view from the window right in front of the bed sending me a constant reminder of this beautiful tuft of nature.

Just before we left, we took our last stroll at this hidden wonderland. It somewhat reminded me of the Kuala Belalong Field Research Centre, also hidden away from the rest of the world but the comfort was much modest. Animals and wilderness were just a few steps out the front door.

We were now heading southwards to Vancouver where the coach will drop some people off before we head back to Whistler, the second time. We passed some distinctive Kamloops scrubs before we head on.

Mist over Lac Le Jeune in the early morning

The resort was teeming with bird activities. Bird perched on a bird house.

Brown birds on the dried branches of tree

Sun on Lac Le Jeune

Bed of Lac Le Jeune

Bird houses on tree stumps

Passing by a lake

View of a valley

View of a lake, Lake Kamloops

Advertisement for ranch land

Grassland with round hay bales

Kamloop; sparse tall trees and more shrubs vegetation

Scrubs covering slopes by the road side

Highway in Kamloops

Back to more coniferous trees vegetation

Slippery slope caution road sign

Caravan on a highway in the rain

Going through a highway tunnel

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