Monday, 30 May 2011

Canada Trip Day 23: Minter Gardens

5 July 2010 - After a lunch buffet at the Trillium Restaurant & Conservatory of Minter Gardens, we wandered around the garden displays of a wide selection of blooms. The drowsy effects from a lengthy coach journey and a heavy lunch may have dulled our experience at the gardens. Possibly also, having been to Butchart Gardens in Vancouver Island, our expectation of  large acres of colourful botany have greatly increased. Put these together with the very limited time we were given and the finally warm summer weather, the visit turned out to be rather rushed and uninteresting. This is not to discredit Minter Gardens at all for there were some spectacular flower displays such as the impressive peacock display. Strangely, I cannot seem to find the names of these flowers on the Internet!

Pink plant with stems, stalk and tiny flowers all in pink

Flower display with flowers arranged in a spirally sort of pattern

Minter Gardens flower display

Lady tending to the flowers

Map of Canada flower display

Orange lilies

Staff member mowing the lawn

A bridge covered with plants

Yellow flowers lined around the stem like a pyramid

Mum and sis having their photo taken in front of a butterflies flower display

Red Dahlia

Small red tube-like flowers clustered into a ball

Peacock flower display

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