Sunday, 13 September 2009

New Shanghai Shopping City

"New Shanghai Shopping City is built on a grand scale and offers the best facilities and amenities. Located in the middle of Pudong Lujiazui Finance and Trade Area, it is surrounded by a variety of retail outlets." -

Despite lastnight's misadventure of baggage delay, we were once again up and about upon hearing that we are going shopping! New Shanghai Shopping City is huge! Indeed there was no ounce of lie in the statement made by China Odyssey Tours there. Built of ancient Chinese architecture with the sweeping multi-inclined garbled roof, they covered the tops of the many storeys shopping buildings. The height and the scale of these buildings gave the shopping city a sense of grandeur. As I looked at these buildings and how crowded with people the place was, I kinda wish we were all dressed in traditional Chinese clothes to match these buildings and be taken into a scene of the olden days of China.

We had only an hour to spare. On second thought, we decided to try the restaurant famous for its dumplings, just right outside our meeting point instead of venturing around. I was also broke at that point since I've spent all my yuans and wasn't looking forward to using my credit card as a resort. After the high tea, we walked around the nearby shopping buildings before turning back to the meeting point.

Walking towards New Shanghai Shopping City from a nearby street

Heading towards the main square in the shopping area

It started raining and shoppers were running for shelter

Shoppers with umbrella heading towards the building famous for its dumplings

A nice pond where many tourists were taking pictures of

View from one of the floors

Waiting for our orders in the restaurant

We ordered a set of 6 with different fillings; sharkfin and crab, chicken and mushroom, and prawn. It was delicious. One has to be careful eating the dumpling when it is fresh from the kitchen. It may have cooled but the broth contained inside the dough with the filling is still piping hot! So yummy with Chinese tea.

Cooks making the dumplings

People with places to go

Adorable old man with purple Crocs

Mother and her baby

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