Monday, 14 September 2009

Shanghai Night lights, Huangpu River Cruise

We visited a Chinese pharmaceutical before going on the Huangpu River Cruise. Much like the medical centre we had visited in Tibet, they offer free consultation to tourists where they would take your pulse and explain to you what illness you may have. If you are lucky, you will get a Chinese doctor who's genuine about the free consultation while others may be a little pushy about getting you a prescription. Again, a pharmaceutical pushing for sales under the guise of a free consultation offer to help people just got me reeking of disrespect and contempt. And, these doctors that are a little too enterprising to my liking happened to be females, both in Shanghai and Tibet medical centres. One even said this to my sister, "If you do not buy, you will regret". Now you see where my onion attitude is coming from.

We had a scrumptious Shanghai dinner, which I now have little recollection of. It is the result of seven days of Chinese food in all three meals of the day. Having said this, I feel a sense of guilt as I remember the level of poverty in Tibet. Sigh.

The river cruise is not too different from the one in Hong Kong. The colourful lights from the buildings painted the river. Two things got me excited. First, it was the full moon that appeared. As the boat moved, the moon began to align itself perfectly with the aperture of the Shanghai World Financial Centre, making it visible through it from the boat. What strange coincidence that was! The moon that night was strangely shrouded by the clouds as it appeared to have a section cut off or like another piece of sky has just been put partially over it. Second, the display lights coming from the walls of some of the buildings are amazing. They looked like billboards with moving images.

City lights reflected on the river

Blue on night waters

Night lights of a city

The moon is coincidentally appearing at the same height as the aperture of the Shanghai World Financial Centre, currently the tallest building in the world by its roof.

Tada! The moon "trapped" in the aperture. The aperture is said to resemble a Chinese moon gate but its purpose is to reduce wind pressure.

It's pretty watching the buildings glitter like diamonds. The tower on the left is the Oriental Pearl Tower, said to be the current tallest tower in Asia.

Moon just about to be covered by the clouds

Moon looking like it's covered by another piece of the sky

Moon completely covered but still shining so bright

Beautiful lights from the buildings

The visuals coming from Citi Bank's building is the prettiest as the butterfly flapped its wings as it moved towards the flowers

Beautiful steel latticed roof of Jin Mao Tower. It looks so regal in the dark. Almost like a magnified diamond crested on a ring.

By the end of the cruise, everyone's rushing out.

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