Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Changi Transit Hotel & Jackpot

Thank heavens to transit hotels! I was completely drained after arriving Singapore from Shanghai. Prior to the flight, I was actually excited to touch down in Changi, thinking of the shopping I can do. But the complete opposite happened. All three of us were exhausted and we found ourselves earnestly (no kidding!) looking for the Ambassador Transit Hotel at Terminal Two.

I was coming down with a cold as I was having a sore throat. We had to wait for about an hour before the room is ready. So, all three of us lazed at the nearest couch right in front of the reception counter. We were all too tired to care about how unsightly we might have looked. The staff were nice and left us to do whatever that was comfortable for us.

When we finally got the room and was in it, ahh.. what wonders! The bed was so comfy and the room clean and spacious. I slept for a good number of hours. It felt SO GOOD! And, they have a nice spacious bathroom. The big shower tap had such good water pressure, I wished we have more water on Earth for me to stay in the shower for another 5 minutes! We, three little Bruneian ladies, were so delighted and were well-comforted by the room facilities of the transit hotel. There's only one little minus point; the room has no windows and the drapes hung over the wall by the study table hides a non-existent window. We thought the room rates were reasonable. You stay for a minimum of 6 hours for a charge of about S$60 and for each extended hour, you pay S$15. Thank you, transit hotel! I have never felt so well-rested since a long time!

The time says 6.51am. This was minutes before I got knocked out in bed by exhaustion. Forget the delayed baggage or wearing the same clothes for days. The bed's so wonderful, the shower too!

We woke up with a few hours to spare. So, window shopping it was for me. My sis got some perfumes which influenced me to getting one, the Paul Smith's summer edition of Rose. And, she got herself a few trials at the big slot machine. Well, what do you know? She won a S$77 and a S$7 vouchers! We didn't know what to spend it on and finally threw a celebration meal for all three of us at airport's DeliFrance. It was all so swell. This marks the end of my journal entry for Tibet. It was an adventure and definitely life-changing for me. I'm glad the travel agent I signed the trip with managed to get me in despite the circumstance. I hope the whole world will attain the peace like the one I felt while in the countryside of Tibet.

Sis wanted a picture of the slot machine which I didn't take earlier. So, yeah, thank you for the S$84, Mr Slot Machine! Erm, slot machines don't look female to me.

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