Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Heading Back to Lhasa

This is my last few views of Tibetan countryside before I go off. I felt a little disappointed that the six days ended so quickly. I hope I come back soon to this beautiful place while it still retains its colourful and interesting cultures, religion and monuments. I cannot get enough of Tibet!

Monastery by the side of the mountain

Tibetan family under a canvas shelter

I am not sure why but these clothes are all on the ground

Sheeps on steep hills

Another Tibetan family

Forest conservation programme

Where there is a little channel, the vegetation grows

Streams of crevices lining the slopes of the mountains


Another tiny gorge


Tibetan houses

Tibetan house with prayer flags

Public transportation in the countryside

River gushes through the rocks

Always on the road

Cows grazing in front of the house

*Takes a deep breath* Mountains

Solar panels that occasionally pops up along the way

Horse by the road side

Heaps of ... straw?

Drawings on rocks

Another mirror image

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