Monday, 14 September 2009

Life in Shanghai & Fenshine Plaza

Like a microfilm slide show, I watched intently at people in the crowded and busy city of Shanghai. We are now heading towards Fenshine Fashion and Accessories Plaza, which really is like Chatuchak (Jatujak or JJ Market) of Thailand except, what scaled in breadth is now squashed and pushed upwards to make up in height. It kinda saves you from walking too much especially when you're buying a lot of things. With its many floors, Fenshine brings to you all sorts of items; clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics, toys, electronics, luggage and so forth, and all with prices which you can bargain with courage and confidence. Be ready to say no when you are being persistently obliged by shopkeepers to visit their shops. This is especially true for shopkeepers whose shops are located in the upper floors where not many tourists go as we are already drawn in so quickly by what is offered in the first few floors. This is not a warning to stop you from venturing further but rather to keep shopkeepers from pestering you. Competition is stiff in these shops as they are selling similar products. So, do look around before making a hasty purchase. I remember a shoes and bags shop which is selling nicer stuff than the ones below. So, keep a look if you have time.

Another alley shot and we have here a man cycling with a cigarette in his mouth

An ordinary looking house

Boy with dyed golden hair

Wooden sticks as scaffoldings rather than the metal bars we use back home

A family at a busstop

Gloomy-looking Shanghai

"Karang guni" or junk dealer in Shanghai with a really huge bulk of stuff on his bicycle

The toilet in Fenshine Plaza

Wall of advertisements, Fenshine Plaza

Man with many mineral water bottles tied to his bike

Fenshine Plaza sign

A pedestrian dashing to cross the road

Fruit stall and people in cycles

Old building that looks like a club

Old terraced houses

Built up of traffic at certain routes

An interesting looking architecture

Rollercoaster rails of highway

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