Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Lunch by Yarlung Tsang Po River

So, it was time for lunch! We stopped by a row of shops/houses where Yarlung TsangPo River is flowing behind. Our guide directed us to where the washrooms were. As usual, all public washrooms in China are usually a challenge. These ones are at the back of the shops. And, they are different from the ones we have been to so far. The toilet cubicles are separated by wooden board and the toilet itself is made of a wooden platform with a hole. With enough light falling into through hole, I could see what's underneath the platform. It was a massive space underground. It was as though the ground was part of a hill slope and they had leveled it with the wooden platforms to make toilet cubicles. All the mess from this toilet vent probably all goes to the river. As usual, I am fascinated. A tank of water has been prepared for us to wash our hands outside the washrooms.

The restaurant is simple and I think it is Chinese-owned. Posters of Tibet's sceneries were pasted on its walls. The food would arrive moments after we took our seats. And, we would eat will other dishes continue to arrive.

Behind the row of shops


Signboard and tank of water to wash our hands

Vintage door and the cook preparing food

Our tour group having lunch

Dried fish

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