Sunday, 13 September 2009

Busy City of Shanghai

Shanghai is one big busy city. High rise building sprouted everywhere towards the gloomy, grey sky through the foggy atmosphere. Vehicles are streaming from a street to another. Pedestrians are at just every street and junction, and cops are busy bringing order to the traffic. It's all jumbled up, the modern posh buildings with the more modest-looking shophouses. Nevertheless, it was interesting to watch like looking at fishes in the aquarium.

High rise buildings and lower apartment buildings

Modern buildings banked the roadsides and looking like another city; New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo?

A pedestrian crossing

A man hanging laundry at the clothes line

Some roadworks

Telephone cables and maybe electric ones too all tangled together, just as I have seen in Ho Chi Minh

More construction work

I love alley shots! There's always something less urban and more real about an alley. So, here's one.

And here's another one

Policeman ushering traffic

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