Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Nirvana Maju and Dessert's Bar

On my last night in Subang, D brought me to Nirvana Maju for dinner. It's a nice Indian restaurant that serve food on banana leaves. Indian lanterns decorated the place. It reminded me of the Thai lanterns which were put up at the pool area of Nippon Maru when we celebrated the Loy Krathong festival.

At Nirvana Maju, the waiter would come with varieties of food kept in tins where he would scope helpings onto the banana leaves. I was so fascinated by this! And, it tasted yummy! As usual, whenever I eat Indian with Dina, I'd used my hand. This time, D taught me to use my thumb to push the food on my palms into my mouth.

The restaurant is populated with people on a week day

The restaurant, not air-conditioned, is open on one side to let cool breeze to enter.

The waiter scoping raita (my favourite Indian salad) and other vegetable dishes on to the banana leaves

The banana leaf is huge so mine was overlapping onto D's. We have chicken curry on the rice, the reddish stuff at the top is deep fried veggies, greenish and yellowish mixed veggies and raita is the salad flooded in white liquid. It came with soup as well.

That's the soup. The banana leaf is to be folded inwards to signify that I have eaten and I liked the food. If folded the other way, it means I didn't like the food.

The following afternoon, we went to Parksons' mall building where I found a backpack for all my purchases I made days earlier. We had lunch at Dessert's bar. The chocolate crepes were yummy!

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