Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Asia Cafe Food Court, Subang Jaya

After D got me from an agreed venue, we left for her place in Subang Jaya. When the door to her room was opened, Amber greeted us. We took Amber for a walk and L came when we were walking along the street right outside the house.

D had planned to take me to the Asia Cafe, not too far away from her house. As it is a food court, there are many choices of food to be had. I ordered the curry prawn noodle which D recommended, not wanting to settle for anything which D couldn't vouch for its tastiness.

In the vicinity of the food court were colleges such as Inti College, Taylor College and the Metropolitan College. Thus, it comes as no surprise to see students having their meals at the food court.

The highlight of the evening was really the fried mushroom. There is a stall that sells nothing else but mushrooms; button, abalone, etc. They serve them fried. And, they are tasty! I was getting quite addicted to them and was muching away without realising how much I had eaten.

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Looking like a typical food court

Vendors trying to entice customers with their menus

Chefs cooking away

The wonderful Fried Mushroom

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Anonymous said...

place got closed down for some time cause of cockroaches.. they have one of the biggest cockroach breeding centre, as the place is elevated, and the migrant workers are not clean!