Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Announcement: Tree Planting in Badas

UNEP is organising One Billion Tree Campaign, with tree planting or replanting as its main goal.

"As World Environment Day on June 5 fast approaches, UNEP has set an ambitious tree planting target that will not only encourage world leaders to seal a climate change deal in Copenhagen, but will also support the Billion Tree Campaign.

UNEP is appealing to everyone around the world to get planting!"

The British High Commission is organising a tree planting event at Badas Forest Reserve in Seria on Wednesday 17th June 2009 at 9.00 am. Everyone can participate for a good cause to save our environment.

"The High Commission is committed in reducing the Carbon Dioxide emission into the atmosphere and one way to do it is to plant as many trees as possible. The designated area is the Badas Forest Reserve which you may have known, was badly damaged due to forest fires many years back. Last year, HRH The Prince of Wales together with HRH Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister, both planted trees in the area and has brought much attention to the tree-planting project there.

Please register yourselves if you are keen to participate at FACEBOOK or email brithc@brunet.bn

The programme on that day is for participants to make their own way to the Badas area. There will be a sign on both sides of the highway (for those travelling from Bandar or from Belait) on where the exact location is.

To bring:
- sun block, insect repellent
To wear:
- comfortable clothes; shoes that people dont mind getting dirty (as the area can be soggy); long pants and light shirts/ t-shirts
- sun hat or caps (opt)
- small towels (opt)
- a smile

The British High Commission will provide water and First Aid Kits.

Good luck! To other bloggers, please help to spread this good cause on your respective blogs. Thank you." - Senor Pablo

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Anonymous said...

Tree planting at Badas

Saturday, June 14, 2008

ABOUT 100 indigenous Agathi seeds, locally known as Tulong, were planted in the previously fire-damaged sand ridge area of the Badas triangle near Seria, in efforts to restore the site.

The activity, which took place last Thursday, saw the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources guiding and assisting the International School Brunei (ISB), Perdana Wazir Secondary School and Anthony Abell College in the endeavour, an extension of ISB's Million Trees Project.

The area specified is an area of primary forest within Brunei's Heart of Borneo zone. ISB intends to continue the reforestation of the area, which amounts to about eight hectares, with the help of other interested schools.

The project will have participants collecting seeds for germination, planting and keeping the young trees free from encroaching bush.

ISB director David Taylor said, "this is a long term project that can involve any schools wishing to become actively involved in contributing to Brunei's commitment to the Heart of Borneo." He added that it is an opportunity to gain meaningful 'hands on' experience through the contribution to long-term future Brunei's forest heritage.

Referring to the World Environment Day which took place on June 5, 2008, Taylor emphasised that "everyday is environment day at ISB" on whether the event was planned to coincide with it.

ISB welcomes schools, institutions or enterprises wishing to get involved with the project to contact the school directly or visit the project's website on www.million-trees.org.

(NAS1)The Brunei Times