Wednesday, 24 June 2009

IKEA, Damansara

With the exam out of the way, I found it easier to relax and have fun. D decided to take me to Ikea in Damansara. I thought what a good idea that was! There I was trying to think of a place to look for practical gifts for my loved ones at home. Ikea is ideal for its innovative, practical and affordable products. We spent a few good hours there as I scouted for small but still practical items that I could easily pack in my bag. I got a throw, some book holders, some pockets, a dish holder, some stationery holders, some framed mirrors, some photoframes, some rugs and other stuff I cannot remember now.

I caught this canvas photograph at the warehouse section, just before the cashiers. Sweet!

What do you think this is? Drawers from a clothes cabinet?

These clothes stickers were pasted on the stairs.

There D and D posing for me in one of the "bedrooms"

I found two very interesting products: First, the lamp which is bucket of light bulbs. It's not very pretty but I thought it is clever art.

And this! A rotatable rattan panel with a mirror on one side and clothes/shoe hangers on the other.

When we got home, I ran through my purchases and realised I didn't have enough space to fit in my backpack. I eventually bought a 35L + 10, orange backpack by Deuter on my final day in KL. I was looking for a lime green one to match my camera/laptop bag but the green model did not have the compartments I like. After having made D walk with me through several stores, I finally decided on the orange one.

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