Wednesday, 3 June 2009

AI Limericks by Henry Kautz

AI Limericks
Henry Kautz

If you're dull as a napkin, don't sigh;
Make your name as a "deep" sort of guy.
You just have to crib, see,
Any old book by Kripke
And publish in AAAI.

A hacker who studied ontology
Was famed for his sense of frivolity.
When his program inferred
That Clyde ISA Bird
He blamed -- not his code -- but zoology.

If your thesis is utter vacuous
Use first-order predicate calculus.
With sufficient formality
The sheerist banality
Will be hailed by the critics: "Miraculous!"

If your thesis is quite indefensible
Reach for semantics intensional.
Your committee will stammer
Over Montague grammer
Not admitting it's incomprehensible.

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