Sunday, 7 June 2009

Muara Beach

Just a week or two ago, I was out at Muara Beach with my fellow BPYs for a picnic. While most of us went for a dip, I decided to stay dry. I was wandering around and taking pictures of whatever that caught my fancy.

For some reason, I have been making trips to the beach lately. There were the CS picnic with the students, picnic with C and Co. and now, with the BPYs. I know this post is way out-dated. I've got my GRE exam coming up on Wednesday. So, I have been studying most of the time.

Any day at the beach is always fun-filled whether it is chill-out sort of fun or crazy sort of fun. Like a hermit that has been lead into civilisation, I was surprised at how crowded the beach was on a weekend. You literally see people lining along the beach to play with the water.

Under nicely-built huts, family members and friends gathered while a few others busied away with the grills at the barbecue stands provided.

Dried coconut with shoot sprouting out.

This one looked like a glove

This one has a red thread under it, looking self-decorated

The resemblance is uncanny!

Several of these coconuts are slowly transforming into healthy young shoots.

According to W, these black stones were actually struck by lightning and hence, gave them the colour. One may mistake pieces of log scorched and charred by the sun as these. But, upon closer inspection, the difference becomes evident.

W was picking up stones to throw them into rolling waves while giving it the skipping effect. So, he showed me some stones.

I was also chasing a crab or two to take pictures of. They are so cleverly camouflaged that I quickly lose sight of them as they scurried across the sand.


Anonymous said...

aren't the black stones called granite?

last 2 stones are actually broken pieces of coral from the sea.

miss u woman! enjoy tibet!

rabbit said...

i don't know, granite is supposed to be brittle?

wan told me it got struck by lightning.

thanks for pointing them out, maw. I wasn't sure... :)