Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Themed Pictures for BPY08 Profile Book

A very long while back, the BPY08 organised a schedule for the photo shoots to be run. After several photo shoots at various venues at different times, we now have them in neatly binded profile books which we have shared with the PYs on board. To introduce the BPYs in their solidarity groups, we have decided for the photos to be themed after our discussion groups. Our profile book creative manager is noneother than the bubbly and creative, Maurina.

Theme Environment
Introducing SG E & SG G

Maw has gotten permission from Ahim Rani to use his marvelous picture of a proboscis monkey. The superimposition which I did was terrible and not seamless. But, everyone had a good laugh when we presented the photos before sending them off to the printer.

The venue of this shoot was just right outside game village where the trees are. We had to be quick as the place was infested with big, red ants.

We decided to try a different tree instead but the fence made the picture look all too urban.

Theme Cross Cultural Understanding
Introducing SG C & SG F
This shoot took a LONG time! Lisa's hair kept falling on her face. And, Yassin's face became a little too rapist-looking which needed Maw to remind. It was extremely hot as you can see in the reflection of us on the window panes. We had pulled out the big umbrella as it spoiled the picture as well as for shade.

Lisa's cheongsam had a big slit up to her knees that needed photoshopping to be more MIB-friendly.

Theme Youth Development
Introducing SG H
This shoot was fun! We went to the Bomba headquarters where there is a track. The greens at the back, with the perfect blue sky and red tracks made the picture look vibrant. I thought Maw's idea of using Darwin's theory of evolution to depict youth development in this case was ingenious!

Theme Volunteer Activities
Introducing SG K
This was taken at the parking lot of Jerudong Park. We totally enjoyed this shoot because Hadi played the role of an elder extremely well!

Theme Information (Digital Divide)
Introducing SG B
Mamul always look dashing but I am not sure about him going well with GZul's leopard print car interiors. This was taken right in the porch of Games Village. Mamul plays the role of a tech-sauvy, young and successful business man.

Adz's shoot was simple and quick as he depicts a teenager, supposedly in a uncyber-looking cybercafe.

Maw opted to play her kampong girl role on the green grass around Games Village. She's supposed to be a girl who is thinking about her lover whom she communicates with through her mobile phone.

Theme Traditional Culture
Introducing SG I

Fared, Noi and GZul are each holding a Brunei traditional item. This was yet another very tiring shoot for some of us. Initially, I had a difficult time taking Noi's picture because it was too dark and the 3.5f on my lens was not helpful at all. A very good idea came after I shot Fared's picture. The light from the big umbrella which you saw under Cross Cultural Understanding bounced and dispersed the light beautifully onto Fared's face. Nasron and Fared took turns to help adjust the angle of the umbrella so that I could take the next two photos. As GZul was seated, it made angle adjustment of the umbrella difficult with its long stand getting in the way of the phot. It was extremely tiring but the results were pleasing.

Theme School Education
Introducing SG A & SG D

I brought many of my computer books for this shoot! Hahaha! Nasron was directed to look like a menacing teacher with the ruler while his students, Rozy and Naj happily did their work.

Fai was told to be stressed over his clueless student.

Theme International Relations
Introducing SG J

This shot was taken on the same night of the Traditional Culture shots. Having to tilt the umbrella's inner surface towards the subject and avoiding its long stand was difficult. Maw and I tried many attempts before we finally landed on this picture. Phew!

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