Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Coffeestall, Singapore

A kopitiam franchise in Singapore! How impressive! These were my very first thoughts when V brought R and me out for breakfast prior to R's departure.

It was fascinating to observe how Ya Kun gave its shops a modern, red outlook while retaining the essence of a kopitiam (coffee stall) with menu items such as the half-boiled eggs, the toasts and the old style self-roasted beans for coffee. It has incorporated the system of a fast food restaurant of self-service where your orders are made at the counter and you wait to bring your food to a table. So, there's no "kopi OooOO" yelling or anything of that.

I believe all of Ya Kun's branches maintain the similar interiors of red walls which give it its identity, for I frequented another at a different building. On both occasions, I had the half-boiled eggs, kaya and butter toast and coffee. I made the mistake of ordering coffee with milk "kau" (thick) during the first time. Boy, the coffee was awfully strong!

The logo of Ya Kun

The order counter

A picture of their menu items. They sell their own merchandise of kaya and coffee powder. This reminded me of my dad's story of how he used to roast coffee beans for my granddad's kopitiam and how their coffee used to be really popular.

This is V carrying a tray of half-boiled eggs in saucers.


Kate said...

Kaya sounds yummy!
I only learned about this when a client mentioned that one of my products smells like one :-)

rabbit said...

Kaya is extremely yummy on toast! It's made of coconut and egg yolk and other stuff..