Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Raising of the Big Brunei Flag

I had decided on not turning up for the big national flag raising ceremony when I reached home at about 4am in the morning from a series of functions. Mom had organised a family Chinese New Year dinner which I did some helping around after which, I attended Sha's after-sanding party before heading with the girls over to N's birthday bash. Before I went to bed, I texted the YL, our SSEAYP coordinator and Maw of the possibility of not being able to wake up for the event.

My alarm rang at the preset time of 6am. I struggled out of bed to gauge my condition. I had a terrible sorethroat. I went back to sleep after drinking some water. At about 7, the phone rang and it was Maw. I left it unanswered while trying to get some sleep. Two beeps sounded. Maw's message was screaming in my brain louder than the beeps! I figured I could hold on for a good couple of hours and was on the road soon enough.

I was thrilled to see A and W since our last meeting at our dance practice. The sensation of meeting another BPY08 is always different. It's nostalgic and special. I was overjoyed! After we were told where to stand, these photos record the series of happenings of the day.

Navy officers getting ready for the flag hoisting

Our local shutterbugs, out and about, with their bigass L lenses! I want!

Am I shooting you or are you shooting me?

Flag hoisters from the Navy

Dispersal of the army and navy personnels after the flag has been raised

Flag wavers in patriotic celebration of the event

And there's us, the BPY08, with the proudly raised flag

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