Monday, 16 February 2009

Arab Street, Singapore

After my visit to the Peranakan Museum, bigR brought R and me to Arab Street where I met the SPYs08 for a dinner. We ventured around before we congregated at the restaurant. As dusk was falling, the sky casted a nice blue illumination behind the Sultan mosque. This mosque is situated at Muscat Street near Arab Street where many middle-eastern shops sell carpets and textiles while restaurants serve shishas or hookahs besides food. There are some modern, artsy boutiques along the street as well.

As we walked along the street from the picture above, we found ourselves wandering into this tiny shop of interesting antiques with the huge "Children Little Museum" sign by its entrance.

The buildings here reminded me of the vintage Malaccan ones except these ones are notably of the Muslim or Malay community while the ones I saw in Malacca were mostly of Chinese influence.

While night was coming upon us, it was still never too dark to admire some of the street art that was splashed on the walls of these buildings.

I am intrigued by how this one is done for it looked like it was done with stencils!

I enjoyed the beautiful architecture of these colonial buildings.

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Anonymous said...

Glad there is someone out there who also appreciates arab street.