Friday, 20 February 2009

Night lights at Merlion Park, Esplanade and Singapore Flyer

After a whole afternoon of shopping, C and I took a bus over to Merlion Park where we met up with P and later on, N and W at the satay place which I cannot now remember the name.

The night lights around Marina Bay was indeed magical as I looked around at the landmarks which granted Singapore her fame and identity.

I once had a chat with my facilitator from SSEAYP about countries and it is amazing that Singapore is a country built on brilliant minds though its natural resources are low.

During my short stay, I learned about her ERP system, the "new" water (which I had wanted to try but apparently, the water in Singapore is a mix of new water and bought water), the fancy civil gadgets like the parking indicators at the Changi Airport and the LEAPS Education System which I will probably write about in my post on school orientation there.

The Singapore Merlion throwing out water into Marina Bay

The sparkles of the Esplanade

The lights of Singapore Flyer ....

... changing colour

What does this look like to you? Looks to me like a sci-fi Japanese anime of a technological world.

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