Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Bomb Shelter in a HDB Flat, Singapore

I've been extremely busy at work lately and finding time to write is difficult. Today, I went straight to bed and konked out right after I reached home from work. I've been going to bed as early as 10 plus these days too especially on days when I come home completely drained.

I thought what a strange coincidence it was that prior to posting this entry up, I went to watch Valkyrie with the ladies in my family.

Anyway, this is a bomb shelter which has been made-shifted into a storeroom. All the new HDB flat units now come with this special room. When V, my Singaporean cabin mate, was getting things from this room, I had mistaken it to be a store room. At the same time, I was much puzzled by what a big, thick metal door this tiny room has.

According to her, the pillars of bomb sheltered rooms are supposed to be left untouched if the whole place was splattered with bombs. N, another SPY, added that this, however, has not been tested though I am sure they might have with miniature versions, perhaps?

Check out the little vent for ventilation just above the doorway and the one inside.

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