Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Chinese New Year of Ox

On the eve of the Chinese New Year (CNY) Day, I was out shooting for a wedding. I had completely forgotten about the customary reunion dinner and was about to head to another destination to continue the shoot until the realisation just hit me!

Back at home, I had asked my mum if I was supposed to wash my hair too even though I've washed them yesterday. I am not accustomed to washing my hair daily because the daily washes make them unhealthily dry. "Yes, you MUST!" she said.

Every CNY eve, everyone in the family bath with water from this! It's a bucket of water with pomelo leaves immersed in it. The water is supposed to wash off all our bad luck of the last year and ready us for the new year.

Every CNY has been pretty much the same except this year, there is much excitement in the family. Two of my cousins are expecting and one is expecting delivery anytime now! So, we will be having two little ox babies this year in our family and they will be the first additions to the new generation.

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