Friday, 6 February 2009

BPY08 SSEAYP Attires

The following are photos of the types of attires we wear on board Nippon Maru for SSEAYP.

On a scorching hot day, the BPYs08 were scheduled for their attire shoot. We started as early as 7am with individual portrait shots for our name cards at the car park of Pusat Belia. Nabil was late. Thus, his coat seemed to be of a different colour as it was taken under different lighting.

Attire A1: The Official Attire for the Brunei Contingent of SSEAYP
A gift from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (KKBS), the A1 is worn during flag hoisting as well as during formal and visits.

Yayasan was our next destination. As we were early, parking was not a problem at all as compared to the heat of the day. We took our SG photos as well.

Attire A2: Worn mostly during welcoming and send-off ceremonies
We were all around Yayasan during the shoot. We took a group shot of us in A2 outside Port View cafe but that didn't look as nice as this one here. This spot was lastly decided on as we were leaving Yayasan for the next destination when we saw how beautiful the Kampong Ayer looked that day.

Attire B1: National Attire worn to promote cultural exchange
By now, it was noon. We were all extremely tired and some of us suffered more as we were fasting during the month of Ramadhan. This was made more difficult as we all had to carry all our attires around for other shoots. Something which we could all laugh about now was that we were actually asked to leave this venue below because we were noisy and we had all our attires lying all over the place. This very picture taken at the venue unwelcomed to us is the picture that made it to the cover of our profile book!

Another thing about our attire B1 was that we actually bought the whole roll of kain sungkit (used for the men's sinjang and the ladies' skirts). Tini and Yassin, our attire committee members, chose and helped buy the textiles for us. We had to measure and cut the textiles ourselves to distribute to one another. I remember Wan, Michelle and GZul at the task! SSEAYP has made us done anything and everything! Good, that is. LOL You guys remember cooking at the Berakas camp for like 100 over people?!

Attire C: Smart and casual, this is worn mostly during institutional visits.
Prior to our departure, we were invited to have dinner with both the Ambassador of Japan and the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports at the Ambassador's residence. The event was comfortable enough as the diplomats we met there were very friendly and hospitable. And, there is Abang Azeez, our SSEAYP coordinator whom we love so much. He has been with us, constantly advicing us and helping us out in whatever ways he could before we left for SSEAYP.

We have 3 Attire Cs. This one below is the Attire C1 which is given to us by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Attire C2 comes with a scarf for the ladies and is sponsored by Kak Yati, if I am not wrong.

Attire C3 is sponsored by Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) and we have Kak Yati to thank for this as well. BIBD sponsored us each a bag as well which has our names sewn on it! I usually use it as a homestay bag.

Attire D: Sports Attire
I wear this whenever I'm cold even though it was BIG! This attire is again a gift from KKBS.

The rest of the attires below are casual wear that we put on for our day-to-day, onboard activities. They are all sponsored and we thank the sponsors for their generosity.

Attire E: Baju Belia

Attire E: Baju Kenali Negara Kita(KNK) - Black

Attire E: Baju KNK - Blue

Attire E: Masayun - Blue

Attire E: Masayun - Maroon

Attire E: Baju RanoAdidas

Attire E: Baju HSBC

Attire E: Baju Goh Hock Kee (GHK) - Yellow

Attire E: Baju GHK - White

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