Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Green Classroom of Ping Yi Secondary School

Just about a month ago, I visited Singapore. As the plane was landing, I couldn't help but absorbed the sight of the harbour with its vessel-filled waters from my window.

At the airport, there were the friendly characters of SG D to welcome me. R had not eaten for the day and had ordered some pancakes from Burger King.

The bubbly C was happily talking.

And, here's my trusty cabin mate, V, behind the wheels.

We headed to bigR's school for a visit and to see his green classroom which he has always been excited to talk about. The classroom was impressively and creatively decorated. For drapes, flags were hung, truly befitting a Geography classroom. I especially love the gray-scale portraits of different tribal people, which made the classroom somewhat art-gallery-ish.

Fun and interesting facts filled up the boards as charts and maps. Check out the little handpainted details of trees and clouds on the wall, all painted by the man himself.

A recycling "robot"?

Painting of a tree with falling leaves

This is bigR, also from SG D, conducting his geography lessons. The big "geog rocks" words above the whiteboard are not very visible from the bright light.

Creative plastic strips as door curtains in matching green. And, nicely decorated board with a photo collage.

I like paintings of sorts, and this one goes without exception.

A thoughtful sign to learn from.

The food court of the school.

This is Rojak India. It comes with an assortment of fried chicken pieces, fish-cake-like things, some other fried stuff and veggies. You're supposed to dunk these in the sauce to eat.

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