Sunday, 28 March 2010

Mellben Seafood Restaurant, Ang Mo Kio

Prior to my visit to Singapore, V had planned to take me out for a crab mee hoon dinner. I was excited because I've never had mee hoon and crab together. She picked me up from Santa Grand Hotel at Bugis and we were both chattering away the moment I got into the car. I felt so happy to see her and we're doing our cabin mates things together again! The last time I visited in May 2009, I was there to attend her wedding. So, there was much to catch up although we do speak on the phone every now and then. Just seeing her feels like I am reliving my SSEAYP days again!

Interestingly, Mellben Seafood Restaurant is located at the ground floor of a hdb flat in Ang Mo Kio. I didn't know you can do that! The place is clean and modern. Despite its open air concept, we were blessed with the occasional breeze and the restaurant is well-facilitated with ceiling fans. The interior design is full of crabs as one particular wall is covered with crab shells and autographs of celebrities.

According to V, this place is usually packed, even on weekdays. We were fortunate to come early (at about 5.45pm) as there are many vacant tables. We had the Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup and a dish of belacan kangkong. The prices of the dishes are not stated on the menu, so I am not sure how much V paid for our meal but I doubt it fit into the affordable category (check this blog out). However, the crab we were served was humongous! The pincers were so fleshy and yummy! V said they serve Sri Lankan crabs. The food was good and the ambiance too.

Menu cover of Mellben Seafood Restaurant full of delicious crab dishes

A concrete roof extends from the building for more restaurant space

Plants surrounding the big restaurant

I was really hungry and had forgotten to take picture before we started eating. So, here's a picture of the half-eaten claypot crab dish

Very yummy mee hoon soup!

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