Saturday, 13 March 2010

At Muara beach

We found a good and rather private spot, well away from a group of guys and a film-making group. At about 3.30pm, the sun was not blazing hot, which made a time for picnic ideal. Though we didn't get round to playing footie or frisbee, the several swims that we made were simply delightful!

Me looking for sunblock lotion in my bag

People doing a film shoot at the beach

Nice! Not many people at the beach

The guys doing some kind of team building activity

My uncle joked that this boy looked like he's doing a Jesus carrying the wood of the cross which sent us all in roars of laughter.

That's us all running towards the water! Great water, it was pretty clear and warm.

That's my white tee and my cousin's tank top hanging

That's us having our pictures taken. What a swell time we're having!

This is my sister who loves taking pictures of the sea bed as the waves rolled in.

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