Monday, 1 March 2010

Dragon Fruit (Pitaya)

Dragon Fruit, we call it here, is a popular fruit in Brunei. They can be easily found in supermarkets and several families have started growing them in their gardens, ours included.

Dad had planted a long row of about 10 dragon fruit (white flesh) plants right along our fence. To date, only one of these plants have borne fruit! Though it was the one and only fruit produced, it was humongous and extremely sweet! And, I think I know why.

Our one and only dragon fruit

The big black bee guarded our dragon fruit with great vigilance. With wings spread, it looked as though it is ready to charge at any intruder. I stood amongst the papaya trees, ready to dash up the moment it leaves its station. In the end, I had difficulty running up the steep slope in our garden and had to pull myself up with the help of the weeds.

While we call them Dragon Fruit in Brunei, it is commonly known as Pitaya. Mum would always bring them to my room in my fruit mug, where they are nicely peeled and sliced. She said they are extremely good for health though against what illnesses, she did not say.

According to,
In the producing countries the fruit is used to make candy, juices and jams. The pulp is used to produce alcoholic beverages. Most remarkably, the medicinal qualities of the fruit range from alleviating common stomach problems to its recommendation for diabetics and persons with endocrinic problems.

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