Saturday, 13 March 2010

Arriving at Muara Beach

It was 3pm, the promised time to be at the beach. But, we were still packing food at home. We rushed with me quickly arranging items in a basket and running up to get the football and Frisbee while my sister hurried to get changed and gather her swimwear and clothes.

The day was glorious and all that unnecessary worry of rain faded away as we set out. I was driving while my sister was fumbling into my bag for the camera when we reached the vicinity of the beach.

Don't mind the road tax sticker. Here's a picture of the road leading towards the beach.

We turned left to a small street where there were bungalow houses on the left.

Here we are, Pantai Muara!

I was scouting for parking from afar while my sis snapped away. The beach looked rather deserted from here, which somewhat thrilled us! Glorious day, private beach, nice!

Parking lot was pretty full. Oh no!

A sign to remind us to be environmentally-friendly.

I didn't know a canteen is here.

Nice, wide and paved walkway to the beach.

Lady watering the plants

Lots of casuarinas along the beach

That's my uncle and his family in the distant.

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Pics.. More pics pics pics pics... :D muah muah *hugs i love you.....