Saturday, 13 March 2010

Healthy Snacks for a Beach Picnic

On a beautiful Friday afternoon, we had planned a picnic at the Muara Beach for our Canadian cousins who had visited Brunei during the Chinese New Year celebration. Our other cousin from KB, who now works in Australia had also returned for the celebration and had joined us for the picnic.

I had prepared some vegetable sticks of capsicum, carrots, celery and cucumber to go along with some spring onion dips. The vegetarian sandwiches were of tomato, cucumber and lettuce slices. The other sandwiches I made were with the same vegetable ingredients and some peppercorn chicken slices, all of which were purchased from SupaSave.

My sister had prepared some boiled sausages. And, in case there wasn't enough food, I'd brought along a jar of peanut butter spread to go with the rest of the unused loaf.

I was really glad that our cousins were thrilled by the light food as they were soon getting tired of the greasy fried food commonly available here. The large container of sandwiches were soon emptied as we made trips back to our picnic spot after each swim.

Slices of tomato, cucumber and lettuce

Wholemeal bread with lettuce

Vegetarian sandwich cut in four

Cucumber, red capsicum, carrot and celery sticks

Spring onion dips

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