Sunday, 1 November 2009

National Races Village

The National Races Village is located near the Yangon-Thanlyin bridge. Like I've said in my earlier post, the visit was a disappointment. We were really hoping to get an enriching cultural and educational experience but the visit left us unsatisfied and grumpy, partially due to the extremely hot weather. The website provided by the link above is concise and informative.

While the buildings and household items passed the authenticity tests, the actors were not dressed in their ethnic traditional attire, nor were they performing an ethnic activity. There were no proper labels or explanation as to items exhibited, which made the whole setup to a place so vast a pity.

An observation tower with similar architecture to Nan Myint Tower of the Mandalay Royal Palace

Kachin woven house

Weaving machine

Interior of the house

I like the woven walls

A wall of arranged bamboo poles

On our way back to Yangon, we saw a yard with corrugated iron drums stacked in a neat pile

The wonderfully comfortable and vintage-looking Monsoon Restaurant

Burmese appetizer dish of aubergine (egg plant). It is the MOST DELICIOUS aubergine dish I have ever tasted! Strongly recommended!

Vietnamese spring roll which disappointed R

Spicy soup, delicious and also Burmese. I ordered all Burmese dishes but I do think Monsoon offers a westernised version.

A Burmese chicken curry dish which is delicious but extremely oily. The aubergine is still the best!

Shopping at Aung San Bogyoke Market until it was closing time. We almost got lost while trying to find the correct exit to where the car was parked. We were almost panicking because they were closing the metal gate door one by one.

Our last dinner back at the Cherry something restaurant on the 51st Street where Lashio Lay Shan used to be.

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