Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Temburong: Belalong's Ashton Trail - Brunei Fungi & Mushrooms

Along the way, we also saw many different types of bracket fungus and mushrooms. How bracket fungus are different from mushrooms is that they are woody and grow in groups on trees although they may look like mushrooms. They usually have plate-like bodies and do not have stems. Some mushrooms are woody or may grow in groups but they have stems.

What's amazing is that some jelly-like growth found on fallen rocks are actually mushrooms. Brunei has these jelly mushrooms in the rainforest and they are edible! Brunei cultivates mushroom as documented here and here by the Biotechnology Unit under the Brunei Agricultural Research Centre. This research centre falls under the Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.

I found some very interesting looking mushrooms here, some of which looked like corals and are called coral mushrooms!

bracket fungus

cup mushroom with needle-like bristles

bracket fungus

black woody mushroom

group of tiny mushrooms

edible white jelly mushroom

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