Sunday, 1 November 2009

Closing Myanmar Chapter at Bangkok

Back in Bangkok, I was indulging myself in food with the warm and hospitable TPYs08 who brought us to one of the hotpot restaurants at MBK for dinner followed by a night out at the Major Ratchoyothin Market. At one end of the market, we spot the very entertaining "bartender" who was brewing drinks of all sorts in the midst of throws and catches which became the highlight of the evening. The market was very much different from Chatuchak or Khaosan as they were selling all sorts of antique toys, decorative items, funky clothes and accessories, and the atmosphere is oriented between Asian retro and hippie. Very interesting!

The following day, I had a 2-hour massage session before leaving for the airport to return home. I found myself missing Myanmar already and hope to make a second trip to the other cities soon.

Cold green noodles

Hotpot with a mixture of ingredients

Prawns, fish cakes, fish balls and other rolls

The very entertaining "bartender" at Major Ratchoyothin Market

People crowding around the stall to watch him

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