Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Temburong: Belalong's Ashton Trail - Fruits, Flowers & Pods

Indeed, there are many things that can be eaten in the jungle. The very sentence had me thinking of a jungle party of berries, barbecued shoots and wild yams, wild bananas and mangosteens. For some reason, roasted wild deers, boars, bears and birds were not in that picture which I am quite happy after recalling what happened to Chris McCandless' (main character of "Into the Wild") bear game when he was trying to cook it. I loved that movie and can completely relate to it. Beautifully powerful, moving and profound are the words to describe it.

Anyway, back to the jungle of Brunei, we saw some pods and flowers in our hike though I think more of these could probably be found at the higher sections of the trees like the wild ixoras that blend with the green jungle canopy.

These berries are interesting because they grow out of the tree trunk rather than the branches alongside with the leaves. They are the same berries with blue flesh, described in one of my previous posts.

The skin taste bitter while the flesh has got a bit of a sourish sweet taste.

Lots of palm fruits from its wild tree

Sentul is the local name for wild mangosteen. I didn't see any but saw this yellow label strapped on one of its tree branches.

Some wild flower

Pink wild flowers

A fallen branch of two flat pods

Pods growing from a type of vine. This vine has strapped itself around another climber, which in turn is coiled around a host tree. Everyone is living off someone or something, just like humans! Cool beans!

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