Sunday, 1 November 2009

Thanlyn & Kyauktan: Yele Paya, the floating temple

We passed a busy and crowded street before reaching the jetty where the boat tickets to the floating temple are sold. The attendant was kind to point out that the fare advertised was for the entire boat ride irrespective of the number of passengers and returned us the extra money. Like most of the time during our trip, we were the only tourists around. We were asked to wait for the tourist boats, which have been specially installed with chairs and a shelter while the ones the local take are open-roofed boats and they sat on wooden planks, much like the ones we have at the Kampung Ayer.

It was an extremely hot and sunny day. I found the white cement floors of the temple glaring to the eyes. I found myself searching for strategic shaded areas to admire the temple and take pictures. In the middle of the temple is a gold building with many buddha statues.

At the back of the temple lies a village of stilt houses on water (water village or floating village), just like the ones in Kampung Ayer! Stilt houses on water is pretty common in South East Asia as observed in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and back home here in Brunei.

Busy street

Block of shops along a dirt road; A lady is carrying a basket on her head

A shop selling plasticware

People in a Burmese wooden boat

Yele Paya

Wooden boats parked at the pier

People alighting from the boat

Water village or floating village

Golden pagoda

Golden buddha statue in one of the temple buildings

Temple grounds

Buddha statue on the side of the pagoda

Statue of a lion with a human head

Figurines in the roof designs

Looking out from a pavilion

Pavilion with nicely carved, wooden ceilings

Waiting for the boat to get back

Boatman driving the boat away from Yele Paya

Flag of Myanmar waving as we approached the pier

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