Sunday, 1 November 2009

Thanlyin & Kyauktan: Padagyi or Padaywa Nga-Htat-Gyi

By now, we were not sure where Min-U was taking us. We had pretty much covered the list on Lonely Planet and anywhere else was unknown to us. We arrived at a temple and inside is a huge sitting buddha with its face covered with a yellow cloth. It is undergoing maintenance work, evident by the scaffolding around it.

We walked out through one of the doors and found ourselves in a pathway leading to village houses. There were some women carrying firewood on their heads. There is another pathway leading into the forest and beyond we could see the bright yellow pagoda of another temple.

The scorching hot weather was draining our energy and any opportunity for shade was so rejuvenating that we found ourselves idling around until the guilt of making Min-U wait forced us out for the next destination. Perhaps, we were now temple overdosed after having visited more than 15 temples within four days, breaking my temple visiting record in Tibet and Cambodia!

A wooden Burmese house

I love watching the ladies carry things on their heads and found myself rushing for a picture each time I see them

A lady carrying firewood on her head

A beeline of ladies carrying firewood on their heads

A temple beyond the forest

Padagyi or Padaywa Nga-Htat-Gyi buddha statue with its face covered

Side view of the buddha statue

Metal grill door design of a buddha

A British colonial building used as a monastery

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