Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Say Onigiri!

These pictures were taken during our institutional visit in Niigata where we also interacted with the local youth. Niigata is famous for its rice and rice in Niigata is said to be exceptionally delicious! And perhaps, that is why we were learning how to makerice dishes such as sushi and onigiri! Niigata is also famous for its seafood. The food during the welcoming reception dinner at the Niigata Hotel was unexpectedly, really good! It was the best I have tasted during my stay in Japan.

At the train station, Niigata delegates were putting up banners to welcome us as we were arriving.

We met with the Governor of Niigata who told us of Niigata's delicious rice on several occasions during the meeting.

We were given allowance for dinner and most of Solidarity Group (SG) D dined together to some local cuisine with the help of fellow SG D, Romy, Kosuke and Yuko, on the menu.

The following day, we had a whole bunch of activities lined up for us.

This is an xJPY from many years ago and he's a rice farmer in Niigata.

We had some quizzes to test our knowledge of Niigata.

Here, we learned to make sushi rolls and onigiri.

We had the honour of being with Mai, a local youth. She and another local youth (I can't remember his name!) brought us around Niigata to explore. We were astounded when she told us that she was Miss Niigata in 2007!

A sweet shop in Niigata.

Workers sorting out leaves used to make the sweets.

Sasadango is a sweet from Niigata. This is made of glutinous rice and it's green inside.

And, they have loads of mochi! I LOVE mochi! I wanted green tea mochi but they didn't have it so, I chose the mochi that was greenest on display.

After we bought the sweets and snacks during our exploration activity, we came back to the classroom to share them with the other groups.

These are pictures of the home stay matching ceremony held in Niigata Hotel. The hotel did not look impressive at all, nor were the rooms. But, the food here was excellent!

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