Saturday, 3 January 2009

Filipino Dances

I catch a bit of drift about stage photography whenever I chatted with Chee and listened to him talked about what he did to capture what little light there was. He would show me his pictures and though, they were dark, they looked good because it was meant to be that way.

In the ship programme, I had a lot of opportunity to give stage photography a shot and whenever my tools allowed me, I'd do a bit of this and that to see what results I get. I am impressed by how wonderful different available lightings can play with your subjects without your flash. Unfortunately, I can't zoom in too much without adding a lot of noise. So, these are some of my starters.

The first two photo were taken on board Nippon Maru during the Philippines Cultural Night while the other three were taken in Antipolo City where the Antipolo City National School students performed for us.

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