Monday, 19 January 2009

Institutional Visits in Bangkok

We were grouped with SG E for our institutional visit. We first visited the Wat Po, Temple of the Reclining Buddha, followed by the Home of the Disabled Children.

By the entrance of the temple, there were massive statues of deities.

I saw this couple and I thought how sweet!

The windows and doors are exquitely crafted with wood either painted or lacquered with gold.

They were paintings of deities on the walls.

The reclining Buddha is laid in the middle of the temple surrounded by pillars which made picture taking a challenge. The walls around the Buddha are covered with beautiful paintings as you can see on the wall behind the Buddha's head in this picture. I have this thing for painting-covered walls and ceilings in religious places.

The head of the Buddha was intricately covered with golden spikes while the feet have designs made from Mother of Pearls.

These were inscriptions carved on the walls of one of the pavilions. It's supposedly got something to do with ancient medicine.

Bordering some of the doors of the other temple buildings were heavily decorated designs of wood, metal, painted glass and mirrors.

Lady dropping coins into a row of bowls. It is meant to bring good luck and is a local custom there.

This is us buying fruits after our visit.

At the home of the disabled children, each SG was divided into 2 groups, making a total of 4 with SG E. I visited the play area for blind children. We fed them and played with them. Within the home grounds, photography is not allowed. The children played angkalung (similar to the angklung from Indonesia where it originated) for us.

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