Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I love Harajuku Street

It's been two mad days since the start of the semester. Ever since I've received the evaluation results from the previous semester of my teaching, I have learnt to turn the upset into a challenge and have been working myself silly to hopefully gain experience ahead of time. So, I had the rest of December to dedicate myself to this new challenge and alas, my body is giving out.

So, I'm gonna slowly catch up on writing some blog posts of my SSEAYP experience for a bit of diversion. On our free day- 2nd day of SSEAYP 22.10.08, a few of us opted to check out Harajuku Street which is famous for its unique and street style fashion. It was more a Japanese version of Camden Town and the stuff sold here are pretty cheap! I had wanted to catch some Harajuku girls but these were scarce since it was a weekday we went. I still enjoyed myself for this place was reeking of a Japanese form of street art and I love art! Seriously, my appreciation to cosplay and anything of street art nature was an influence from a fellow Bruneian coursemate of mine back in the uni days.

This picture may seem pretty ordinary but, I had it here because that little sign by the window simply said "This is my art" and I thought, that's so adorable.

So, here you get shops that sell funky clothes that only the creative are capable of whooping it up into something cool and not weird. There are body art parlours here and there as well.

Harajuku cannot be completely street style unless it's also got graffittis.

This little ciggarette bin has a really adorable way of suggesting that smokers are inconsiderate.

I tried one of these. Fabulously yummy. Icecream with whipped cream and sliced strawberries wrapped with a crepe.

We met this guy on the street. I was trying to finish my crepe outside while the others have gone window shopping elsewhere when he started talking to me. He told me that he's famous in Harajuku Street but no one seemed to be greeting him and I don't know him either. None of us do. He was friendly and fun to talk to though.

We were lucky to come by some Harajuku girls on a weekday. We were so excited. We tried to ask them for photos when they were browsing in a boutique shop. They were really friendly.

We laughed our heads off when we saw this poster. We all crowded round it and were all laughing in agreement as to how this lady resembled our very own BPY08. And, the fish net stockings all the more added to the resemblance!

By now, we were extremely famished and was looking for a Japanese restaurant to have delicious salmon sashimi in. Marco had a particular place in mind but we couldn't find it and had to ask around.

We found it. Sushi-Kaiten is what it's called and it was along one of the streets at the end of Harajuku Street. And, lunch was awesome. I had sashimi to my heart's content. This was an artwork of music vinyl records on display in the restaurant.

In this glassy tall building is a display of an F1 sports car in which we all took a picture with.

And, these are pictures of the Japanese subway. Later on, we got lost because we were in the train that was heading the wrong direction. We finally switched and got back to the hotel in time for the Inauguration Ceremony of SSEAYP 2008.

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